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Load&Track is a Global Baggage Management solution offering
end-to-end tracking of baggage

Working from a centralised database the system can receive and maintain all baggage related data from multiple sources. Centralising the data offers real-time information to Hub connection points as well as Outstations, enabling key baggage information to be seamlessly shared ensuring consistency, and visibility throughout the operation.

Luggage Logistics' use of modern design and development tools and standards-based architecture offers maximum flexibility for installation and connectivity. Load&Track complies with all baggage related standards (including ICAO Annex 17 and relevant IATA resolutions) to ensure it integrates with other complying systems used by Airlines. Additionally, Load&Track's versatility ensures it can provide controlled and secure communication with non-standard systems maximising the benefits of existing investment. Existing BRS locations can generate and send IATA baggage messages (BPM's, BMM's, etc.) to the Load&Track system to create a single global baggage management portal.

Unlike legacy BRS providers, Luggage Logistics solutions are designed and optimised for airlines that require a global baggage management solution. Load&Track encompasses all features that users are familiar with in BRS, and includes a number of additional enhancements ensuring our solution adds benefit to all aspects of the operation (e.g. Operations, Load Control, Passenger Services, Cargo, GSE Management etc.). We understand that customers need flexibility from a baggage solution when aspects of the operation change, and we are committed to delivering these in a cost effective and timely manner.

Designed for every operational environment

Load&Track offers multiple solutions to facilitate data capture:

  • Full BRS - Installation of a Hub Airport system
  • Arrival baggage scanning with data view dashboard
  • Stand-alone reflighting application
  • Processing existing BRS station data (BMM, BPM etc.)
  • Partial BRS
    • Local BRS-in-a-box - Post flight data upload to central system
    • 3G Infrastructure free installation
  • Offline BRS with return-to-base synchronisation
  • E-ULD - converting bingo cards into electronic baggage data
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