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Luggage Logistics ULD Management System (UMS) offers airlines and ground handlers a highly functional, easy to use solution for the management of ULD and GSE equipment. The single sign on system enables ULD Managers to instantly see all Stations stock levels with clearly defined alerts for under and over stock levels for each ULD type.

Key features include:

  • Automated and Managed Stock Movements and Real Time Stock Levels - The solution processes UCM, SCM and CPM messages, automatically verifying and assigning the ULDs identified within the message to the flight and transferring their location to the destination station. The web based solution enables Users to identify incoming ULDs and verify arrival either via the web based solution or mobile scanner application.
  • Generation of Key ULD Messages - A key challenge within the IATA ULD message structure is the ability for Users to mistype ULD IDs and/or not follow the strict structure of the message. Luggage Logistics UMS reduces the potential of errors by creating the message for the User. Users select ULDs from a list and assign them to/from a flight (UCM OUT, UCM IN) and the system automatically generates and sends the message. The mobile scanner application can be used 'in field' to capture ULD stock numbers to confirm stock location. GPS enabled scanners will record the exact location and enable a mapped profile of all stock on the ramp. SCM messages are automatically generated and station stock counts corrected as real-time data in delivered to the centralised database.
  • Loans and Demurrage - The Systems Loan Managements functions create an electronic copy of each loaned item. The system creates and sends LUC loan messages for loans to other airlines. The system also includes a function to record ULD and GSE items (e.g. pallet dollies) loaned to Agents and Freight companies. All ULD and GSE IDs are captured on the hand scanner and as the devices are handed over the receiver acknowledges and signs the scanner screen to create an electronic loan receipt. Overdue loans are highlighted and reports generated to ensure loaned stock is tracked and returned and demurrage charges can be applied.
  • Damage Management - ULD Maintenance is fully managed within Luggage Logistics UMS. Users can quickly report and photograph damaged ULDs in-field using the mobile scanner application. Reports can also be created and managed via the web interface and photo's uploaded if taken via a cell phone or camera. With each airport able to manage their own stock as soon a report is created the ULD Maintenance team have visibility to the damage including the location, nature of damage and photos. The ULDs can then be tracked back to the repair centre for further assessment and repair (as applicable) with the report being updated with the remedy and costs.
  • Reports and Analytics - A key factor in utilising assets is identifying trends. Every transaction against every ULD is recorded within the Load & Track UMS. All data can be exported for analysis to establish key trends, equipment utilisation and station performance.
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