Luggage Logistics and Birmingham Airport Limited implement Automated Arrival Scanning, providing IATA Resolution 753 Compliance to Airlines.

Birmingham Airport now offers full IATA Resolution 753 Compliance for its airline customers following the recent successful commissioning of an interface between Automated Tag Readers, installed on the arrivals carousels, and the Load&Track Baggage Management System provided by Luggage Logistics.

Luggage Logistics was chosen as the preferred Baggage Reconciliation and Management System provider by Birmingham Airport Limited (BAL) in 2019 following a competitive tender.

Part of the scope was to ensure all carriers had a baggage management system that provided compliance to the IATA Resolution with a key focus on automating the process wherever possible to reduce costs. The final stage was an interface with the airport's Automated Tag Readers (ATRs) in the arrival halls. These provide automated tracking of bags arriving at the airport, and satisfies the final tracking point requirement for IATA's tracking resolution: delivery of the bag back to the passenger. When combined with existing tracking for acceptance, loading and transfer, along with Load&Track's inventory and reporting capabilities, airlines operating at BHX now have all the information required to be fully compliant with Resolution 753 at the airport.

Jo Hodson, Head of IT Services for Birmingham Airports Limited, said: "The Load&Track BRS is an excellent product that meets all our baggage reconciliation and management requirements. The Luggage Logistics team's specialist knowledge and experience was invaluable, and allowed our project team to identify and manage risks effectively throughout the deployment. The system was made available ahead of schedule ensuring a smooth transition to the new BRS, which went live in March 2020."

Adam Dalby, CEO of Luggage Logistics added: "Birmingham Airport is our fourth UK airport deployment and I couldn't be prouder to have them as one of our customers. The professional and forward-thinking Birmingham Airport team had the vision to ensure their new baggage management solution met all the IATA Resolution 753 requirements, and I look forward to seeing their airline customers benefiting from this industry initiative."

Key to the successful deployment of the airport project was engagement; the Luggage Logistics approach maximises operational efficiency by creating a dynamic partnership with all stakeholders. Jo commented: "It is good to see Luggage Logistics engaging with our staff and operating as a single team, and that extends to handling agents and airlines as well as our airport staff. Working with a specialist company has its advantages; every member of the team is a baggage expert who understands the end-to-end baggage process, and they have always been willing to share expertise and advice where needed."

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