Luggage Logistics are a supplier of innovative Baggage, Passenger and ULD Management IT solutions designed for airports, airlines and ground handling companies. Our suite of products complement and improve existing processes, and are designed to meet our customers’ key operational challenges. Suitable for use in a range of environments from major hubs to smaller regional airports, we can provide customers with a complete end-to-end baggage management solution.

Founded in 2007 by a team of industry experts, our products are used in more than 200 airports across 6 continents. We operate as a partner, rather than a supplier, ensuring that our solutions utilise existing procedures and infrastructure to maximise your investment.

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Ready for the New Era

The aviation industry has had a challenging year so far. We have been encouraged, however, by the almost daily news of resumed routes, and look forward to a return to some sort of normality shortly.

As the industry picks up again, we know that things will be different. Read how Luggage Logistics are ready for whatever comes next.

Infrastructure-Free Deployment

Luggage Logistics were approached by a ground handler to provide Load & Track functionality in Africa. Low cost infrastructure and rapid deployments were key requirements, so Luggage Logistics partnered with Zebra for provision of their TCxx range of handheld Android mobile computers. The rugged specification combined with 4G connectivity means that customers can go live with minimal training, in many cases without requiring site visits.


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Highlighted Partners

Zebra Logo Luggage Logistics partners with Zebra to provide customers with rugged, handheld mobile computers. Zebra offer a full range of devices and peripherals, coupled with an excellent service and support agreement, which meet the unique requirements of the airport environment.